Giving Leadership a Chiropractic Adjustment

If it feels like your leadership is missing the mark, for you and for the people you serve, perhaps it’s time to give your leadership a chiropractic adjustment to bring who you are, what you do and the contribution you wish to make as a leader into alignment.

Many of our perceptions of what leadership is are founded in a time that no longer exists. In stable business environments leaders were thought to be a lot like captains of large vessels; setting the direction, commanding the crew, and making minor course corrections along the way. Managers in turn, followed orders, meted out assignments, controlled variability and “kept an even keel,” which meant not challenging authority with questions or ideas.

As stark as that seems, many of these underlying assumptions about leadership are still alive and well in organizations. They are often the source of significant misalignment between what leaders do and what people need in order to flourish in complex environments where many alternatives are viable, outcomes are hard to predict, and true north doesn’t show up on the compass any more.

Misalignment can look like:

Here are a few coaching questions to help bring the gift of your leadership into alignment with who you are and the contributions you’d like to make for the people you lead. Pick one or two that you like and play with them:

Chiropractic adjustments rarely stay put the first time they’re made. Muscles need to relax, old habits sometimes need to change, and adjustments often need to be made again before the healthier realignment becomes stable. The same may be true of your leadership adjustments. Stay with them. Living in alignment feels so much better than the continuous compromises, big and small, that misalignment requires.

Dianna L. Anderson, MCC

CEO, Cylient


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