Making Coaching-Based Leadership a Priority in 2014

Are any or all of these perennial refrains in your organization?

Take a proverbial step back with me and look at these “issues.” Do you see the common thread running through these persistent patterns?  When you follow the thread to the root causes of each of these patterns, it’s likely you’ll find that:

People avoid having honest, productive conversations about critical issues because those issues are wrapped in emotions.

In fact, it’s the things that matter the most to people – and to your organization – that tend to have the greatest emotional charge. So those are the conversations that people tend to avoid the most, much to the detriment of all concerned.

If any of this sounds familiar then instilling coaching-based leadership in your organization as the predominant leadership style should be at the very top of your priority list for 2014.  Because coaching-based leadership:

Make it your new year’s resolution to break the pattern of avoidance in your organization and give people the perspective and tools they need to confidently and appreciatively find new ways to address old sticky issues.

Consider partnering with Cylient to make coaching a way of life in 2014.

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Dianna L. Anderson, MCC

CEO, Cylient


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