About Us

At Cylient, our sole focus is instilling coaching cultures so that “in the moment” coaching and feedback becomes a way of life, and change of any kind gets traction. This is our sole focus because we believe that every organization, regardless of it’s size or focus, needs to make coaching-based leadership a way of life in order to thrive in our increasingly complex world.

Here’s why your organization needs a coaching culture:

Change has changed. Organizations now face constant, complex, often unpredictable demands to change. The ability to transition quickly and smoothly into new ways of thinking and working differentiates organizations that struggle from those that thrive.

Our traditional approach to leadership is causing problems. Our traditional approach to leadership, with its focus on controlling and correcting people and situations, worked well in the relatively stable environment of the last century. In today’s fast-pace, multifaceted business environments, telling people what they need to do and subtlety (or overtly) punishing people for being “wrong,” creates environments where people avoid sharing their ideas, taking risks, or having honest dialogue. That’s a recipe for frantic activity that produces very few results, and eventually leads to entropy and disengagement.

Coaching-based leadership facilitates change. Coaching-based leadership is the integration of coaching approaches—such as asking questions that ignite insight or using metaphors to shift perspectives—into any conversation with anyone, anywhere at anytime. When coaching-based leadership becomes a way of life the core principles of coaching permeate an organization’s culture. Principle such as:

This creates an environment where people are able to have more honest and productive conversations, take calculated risks, innovate together, and build coalitions across boundaries. These capabilities are essential for successfully metabolizing change into new ways of thinking and working.

There’s a lot at stake. Don’t wait. A coaching culture—what we call a Change-Able® organization—is the essential foundation for organizations to thrive on change. Change-Able organizations not only navigate change more quickly and successfully than their competitors, they change how the game is played on their competitive fields. That makes it harder for organizations that wait to instill a coaching culture to catch up. It’s truly not a question of “if” your organization will make coaching a way of life, but when. Start now.

Cylient can help

We take a coaching approach to helping you and your organization quickly and successfully transition to a coaching culture. We have a comprehensive suite of Change-Able offerings that work together to form a supportive learning network enabling your organization to embrace “in the moment” coaching and feedback as a way of life.

Contact us to learn how we can help your organization learn to thrive on change.

Dianna Anderson, MCC

Dianna is the CEO of Cylient and a recognized thought leader in the area of coaching-based leadership. She translates the insights she has gained from her experiences as a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and organization change consultant into the creation of innovative learning experiences and initiatives that create lasting business value.

Dianna co-authored Coaching that Counts, a widely recognized source for the business case on coaching in organizations. She taught coaching at the graduate school level at Drake University. Dianna received her MBA from the Ivey School of Business in Canada. She speaks nationally on Coaching-Based Leadership as a faculty member with the Institute for Management Studies.