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What Does It Mean to Win?

How you define “winning” may be informing your life in ways you are not aware of. And your strategy for “winning” could be costing you, and others, more than you think. I once coached a senior leader who personally defined winning as always being the guy with the right answer. He spoke first in meetings in a confident and convincing manner. Since he usually had solid answers, most discussions ended there and his ideas were implemented. He felt very successful when this happened. (more…) [...]

Want to Save Time? Make Coaching Your Leadership Style of Choice

Many people feel that taking a coaching approach to leadership is a nice thing to do, if they have the time, which they rarely do. I hold that leaders don’t have the time because they’re not taking a coaching approach to their day-to-day conversations. Here are five reasons why it’s time to make “in the moment” […] [...]

The Value of Scaring the Heck Out of Yourself

Personally, I find there is great value in scaring the heck out of myself from time to time. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “heck” is a euphemistic alteration of “hell,” which is generally equated with fear and suffering. Here on Earth, we suffer when we allow fear to govern what is possible in our lives. (more…) [...]

The Five Fallacies of Feedback

Mention the word “feedback” and most people cringe, at least on the inside. Feedback isn’t the problem. How feedback is delivered is most often the issue.Poor feedback delivery skills are in large part a result of a limited view of what feedback is, and what it can be. My list of the five fallacies of feedback highlights the most common limiting beliefs I've seen turn delivering feedback into a torturous experience for everyone involved. I also illuminate how taking a coaching approach to offering feedback can transform feedback conversations into honorable dialogues that inspire people to embrace significant change while honoring the other person. Can you hear the sighs of relief? (more…) [...]