Coaching in the Moment® Workshop

Ignite insight with
connect and create leadership.

An important step in becoming a Change-Able® Organization starts with the Coaching in the Moment Workshop. At Cylient, we believe everyone can use coaching approaches in day-to-day conversations to help others gain insight from their everyday challenges.

Learn what’s unique about Cylient’s approach to instilling “in the moment” coaching skills

Coaching in the Moment is a fresh, PowerPoint-free one-day workshop that can instill practical coaching skills throughout your organization. Our simple, intuitive Untying the Knot® approach to coaching can be used at any time, with anyone, in any conversation to facilitate learning and create connections. Participants leave the workshop ready to step into conversations they’ve been avoiding.

The recorded listening exercises that are the backbone of the learning experience can also be customized to address specific challenges in your organization. We also have listening exercises specifically written for health-care organizations, HR Business Partner roles, and in Spanish.

Increasingly, organizations are using Coaching in the Moment to support large-scale initiatives—such as re-wiring business models, increasing innovation or merging organizations more smoothly. That’s because any kind of change happens “in the moment” when each person decides to take a risk and do something differently. In these moments, coaching conversations make change happen.

Participation in Coaching in the Moment has helped thousands of people in industries as varied as financial services, manufacturing, insurance, construction, healthcare and transportation, make coaching-based Connect and Create leadership a way of life.

Continue the Learning

Making coaching a habit takes support and dedicated practice. Cylient offers a comprehensive network of learning support to ensure that skills learned in the workshop are immediately applied and coaching-based leadership is instilled into the fabric of your organization.

Partner with Cylient today, and bring the many benefits of coaching-based Connect and Create leadership into your organization. Contact us for a WebEx overview of our work or to get invited to an Invitation Only demonstration of our workshops. Learn more about our full Change-Able® Organization suite of offerings.