The Coaching Moments® App

A coach in your pocket.

The Coaching Moments® app helps you turn day-to-day interactions into opportunities to help people learn and grow. It’s a unique tool to prepare you to talk with your boss, or to have a meaningful discussion with a co-worker or a friend. It truly is a coach in your pocket, generating random, insightful questions that help you coach others and coach yourself.



^ Four easy-to-read guides show you how to use coaching approaches in day-to-day conversations. Learn how to recognize opportunities for coaching, create coaching moments, and initiate and guide coaching conversations.


^ When you recognize a coachable moment, you need the right tools to begin coaching. The Coaching Moments app has six sets of questions designed for any situation.


^ This sample question is from the “Difficult Behavior” category.

Listen to Intro to Coaching

Intro: Coaching Moments

^ The Coaching Moments app offers audio tracks including an “Intro to Coaching” and a “Sample Coaching Conversation.” “Intro to Coaching” gives you an overview of the Cylient philosophy, and the coaching example demonstrates our techniques in action.

Whether you have gone through our Coaching in the Moment® workshop, or just want to learn some techniques to ignite insight for yourself and for others, the Coaching Moments app is perfect for you.

It’s available for Apple and Android at the App Store and from Google Play.

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