Feedback in the Moment® Workshop

Deepen the learning
from Coaching in the Moment®.

Feedback in the Moment is the vital second step toward becoming a Change-Able® Organization. When feedback is used as an integral part of “in the moment” coaching conversations, people are able to recognize blind spots and discover opportunities for doing things differently. Those are the kinds of conversations that make change happen.

Our case study-based one-day Feedback in the Moment workshop deepens the learning from Coaching in the Moment (a perquisite) by providing a framework for including direct feedback in coaching conversations. Participants learn how to provide feedback in ways that acknowledge what matters most to others, and inspire people to take action.

What’s Unique About Cylient’s Approach to Building “in the Moment” Coaching Capabilities?

Continue the Learning

Making offering feedback a habit takes support and dedicated practice. Cylient offers a comprehensive network of learning support to ensure that skills learned in the workshop are immediately applied and coaching-based leadership is engrained into the fabric of your organization.

Partner with Cylient today, and bring the many benefits of coaching-based Connect and Create leadership into your organization.
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