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Can You Help Us?

As you can see from the announcement about our new learning services, we are going to be creating quite a few new scenarios to demonstrate “in the moment” coaching and feedback conversations. Let us know if there are specific types of conversations you would like us to consider depicting in this new work. To identify potentially valuable scenarios for your organization, consider:

  • What essential, strategically important conversations do your leaders often struggle with or avoid all together?
  • What do people need to say or do to get more traction with the most significant change efforts in your organization?
  • What are the most important cross-boundary conversations—between divisions, teams, merger partners, or other stakeholders—that aren’t happening, or are not being done well enough to achieve the desired outcomes?

Thank you in advance for your help with this! Please send any ideas that you would like to have considered to I look forward to hearing from you!

Video-Based eLearning Available in 2017

We’re excited to announce that our Coaching in the Moment® and Feedback in the Moment® workshops will be available as video-based eLearning in early 2017! The same content as the instructor led workshops will be offered in short, highly engaging modules that will be housed on a collaborative platform, enabling learners to connect and learn with and from each other in real time. eLearning can be used to reinforce the learning from the in-person workshops and to extend the learning to new audiences in your organization.

We are also developing live and virtual one-hour practice sessions to deepen the learning following participation in eLearning and instructor led workshops.

Contact Dianna Anderson to learn more about these exciting new learning experiences: or 515.727.4200

Coaching in the Moment® for Healthcare

Did you know Cylient has a Coaching in the Moment workshop for healthcare?

Cylient partnered with a national healthcare system to create relevant, realistic recorded listening exercises for our Coaching in the Moment® workshop that take place in a healthcare environment. Workshop participants hear coaching approaches used to smooth out disconnects with a standardization team, guide a nurse’s transition to electronic health records, and help a physician shift his leadership style to lead a clinically integrated network.

Want to explore how to make coaching a way of life in your healthcare organization? Email or call us at 515.727.4200 to learn more.

Interested in learning more about having Coaching in the Moment listening exercises customized to reflect the unique challenges of your organization or industry? Email or call 515.727.4200 to learn more.

Feedback in the Moment®

Cylient’s Feedback in the Moment workshop teaches people how to offer “in the moment” feedback that inspires others to learn and grow in meaningful ways. It deepens the learning from Coaching in the Moment® (a prerequisite) by showing people how to insert developmental feedback into everyday conversations. These are essential skills, particularly if your organization is navigating a significant change, such as transitioning to no-rating performance management.

Email Cylient to set up a WebEx overview of Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment.