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Feedback in the Moment®

Most feedback fails because of the way it’s delivered.

Cylient’s Feedback in the Moment workshop teaches people how to offer “in the moment” feedback that inspires others to learn and grow in meaningful ways. It deepens the learning from Coaching in the Moment® (a prerequisite) by showing people how to insert developmental feedback into everyday conversations. These are essential skills, particularly if your organization is navigating a significant change, such as transitioning to no-rating performance management.

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Try a Coaching in the Moment Pilot

Coaching in the Moment is a unique, PowerPoint-free one-day learning experience that instills practical coaching capabilities at all levels of the organization using Cylient’s simple, yet robust, Untying the Knot® approach to coaching.

“In the moment” coaching conversations are a critical success factor for addressing the emotional side of change. Building enterprise-wide “in the moment” coaching capabilities delivers tremendous value when organizations are:

  • Transitioning to no-rater performance management
  • Creating a new shared culture after a merger or acquisition
  • Seeking to create higher levels of engagement
  • Implementing major changes to the business model
  • Evolving to a more responsive, collaborative culture

Cylient offers discounted pilot Coaching in the Moment workshops to let you try the work out in your environment and get feedback from key stakeholders. Offering a pilot is a great way  to build momentum for instilling coaching as a preferred leadership style in your organization.

Contact Cylient CEO, Dianna Anderson, if you would like to discuss offering a pilot workshop at your organization. You can reach Dianna at 515.727.4200 or If you’d like to request a personal WebEx demo of our work, please click here.

How to Grow a Coaching Culture Webinar – September 7

Whether you’re just thinking about embedding a coaching culture in your organization, or well on your way to having one, you can gain valuable insights from Cylient’s free webinar, How to Grow a Coaching Culture on September 7 at 1 pm ET. Cylient’s CEO, Dianna Anderson, MCC will share practical approaches for getting coaching-based leadership to stick in your organization. Sign up here.

Check out Dianna’s blog series on What are Coaching Cultures and Why Don’t They Catch On?

Coaching in the Moment® Video-Based eLearning Available Now!

We’re excited to announce that our Coaching in the Moment workshop is now available globally as video-based eLearning! The same content as the instructor led workshops is now being offered in short, highly engaging modules. The program is housed on a collaborative platform, enabling learners to connect and learn with and from each other in real time. eLearning can be used to reinforce the learning from the in-person workshops and to extend the learning to new audiences in your organization.

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