Build Change-Able® Teams

Be the change to lead the change.

Individual talent is not enough when it comes to leadership teams. Success is defined by the team’s ability to share ideas, collaborate, make decisions and support each other to accomplish complex outcomes—and to do this “in the moment” as new opportunities arise. Cylient builds Change-Able teams by helping them let go of old habits that get in their way, turning insights into new ways of operating and opening up new possibilities for collaboration based on trust.

We begin by discovering underlying beliefs and behavior patterns that are getting in the way of team success. We then challenge these beliefs and “re-wire” new behavior patterns through our half-day workshop.

The workshop begins with drawing a sharp distinction between the teams’ current worldview of leadership and the possibilities for the future. The team then explores the “knots” that are getting in the way of the team realizing its full potential. The workshop concludes with an action plan that sets priorities and commits resources to moving forward.

Cylient partners with your team to re-invigorate strategic focus, build organizational capabilities, and create alignment between business strategy and the team’s actions, thus enabling it to thrive on change.

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