Video-Based eLearning

Easily scale coaching, globally.

Our full Coaching in the Moment® workshop* is now available globally as mobile-enabled, video-based eLearning that features:

The eLearning is hosted on Braidio’s collaborative learning platform that enables participants to learn with and from each other through:

eLearning provides the same powerful learning as the in-person workshop in shorter, highly engaging chunks. It can be used in place of the workshop, or it can be used to reinforce the learning after attending the workshop, along with our Coaching in the Moment app and our short videos and audios in our Coach-the-Coach email series.

With our eLearning, you can wire up our Untying the Knot® approach to “in the moment” coaching conversations as a shared “language” throughout your organization. Your people will be able to “untie knots” together—across any boundary. That’s what makes real-time learning real.

* Feedback in the Moment® will be available as video-based eLearning by the end of 2017.

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