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  • What Does It Mean to Win?

    How you define “winning” may be informing your life in ways you are not aware of. And your strategy for […]

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  • Want to Save Time? Make Coaching Your Leadership Style of Choice

    Many people feel that taking a coaching approach to leadership is a nice thing to do, if they have the […]

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  • The Value of Scaring the Heck Out of Yourself

    Personally, I find there is great value in scaring the heck out of myself from time to time. According to […]

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  • The Five Fallacies of Feedback
    Posted in Feedback - April 29, 2016

    Mention the word “feedback” and most people cringe, at least on the inside. Feedback isn’t the problem. How feedback is […]

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  • Envision a Coaching Culture for Your Organization

    What does a coaching culture look like? To really “see” a coaching culture you have to look through the lens […]

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  • Feedback or Coaching: Which Comes First?
    Posted in Feedback - February 10, 2016

    As companies do away with performance ratings, learning professionals are scrambling to equip their managers with the ability to offer […]

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