21 Coaching Questions to Help Get Centered in a World of Uncertainty

coaching questionsWhen there are many questions and few definitive answers, it can create a feeling of uncertainty. That can be unsettling for everyone, especially leaders who are used to fixing problems for others. Use a few of these questions—derived from this dialogue with Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson—to coach yourself—or others—to get centered and focused when you feel overwhelmed, upset or uncertain.


Questions to Help Center You or Others

  • What is concerning you the most right now?
  • What has kept you from taking action so far?
  • What boundary might you need to set? How can you put that in place?
  • What do you need to say or do that you have not already said or done yet?
  • How can this situation be shifted to serve a higher good?
  • What might you need to let go of to create more space or options for yourself?
  • How do you think the other person sees this situation?
  • What do you need to request for this to work for you?
  • Who can help you with this?
  • What do you need right now?
  • What is most important to you in this situation?
  • What might be most important to others in this situation?
  • What might be causing the other person to behave that way?
  • How would you want this to be handled if the tables were turned?
  • What might you be resisting, and how is that impacting the situation?
  • What lessons are you being invited to learn from this?
  • How can your feedback be a gift to the other person?
  • What will success look like for you?
  • What is one action you can take to move this situation forward?
  • What is the most compassionate thing you can do for yourself right now?
  • How can I help you?

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