3 Ways Cylient’s Untying the Knot® Approach is Different From Other Coaching Methods

Is your organization avoiding talking about the things that matter most? At Cylient, we often say: “You can’t change what you can’t talk about.” When participants learn our Untying the Knot® approach to “in the moment” coaching and feedback, they immediately engage in the conversations they previously avoided. To explore why this happens, here are three ways that our Untying the Knot approach is different from other coaching methods:knot

1. It is based on a universal, easily understood metaphor.

Our memorable Untying the Knot approach is well received in all cultures, at all levels of the organization, and with everyone, in any conversation. And, it adapts to all situations because it’s driven by the question, “What’s (k)not happening?” Focusing on finding and untying “knots” means coaching conversations quickly zero in on whatever is stuck. Then, insights are quickly ignited and action is taken right away. Thousands of people around the world use Untying the Knot to have more impactful conversations in the flow of work.

2. It combines coaching and feedback into one seamless model.

Feedback only delivers value when it sparks awareness that inspires change and is paired with coaching to support the person to take action. Our appreciative Untying the Knot approach for offering feedback and coaching in the same conversation gives your leaders the confidence to address issues and create learning opportunities when they are most impactful—“in the moment.” Learn more about how Feedback in the Moment builds upon our Untying the Knot approach with this link.

3. It creates a universal shared language.

The top reason our Untying the Knot approach is different from other coaching methods is that it is an enterprise-wide approach that creates a shared language across the organization that facilitates conversations—and change. When everyone knows how to “speak” Untying the Knot, leaders across different functions, levels and departments can resolve the stickiest issues together because they focus on what’s not happening—rather than who’s right and who’s wrong. What challenges could be addressed if your entire organization spoke a shared coaching language?

Does your organization have knots?

Are people in your organization having the conversations they need to have? If not, they have knots. Cylient can help untie them.

Learn how our approach can get people in your organization talking about what matters most by emailing info@cylient.com to request a 15-minute conversation with a Cylient sales representative.

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