5 Ways to Invite People to Shine

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There is light within each of us. Sometimes that light is occluded by life’s circumstances. Like the sun behind the clouds, it is waiting to be invited to shine again. That’s what real coaching is all about—helping others realize their potential, so they shine their light brightly in the world. Here are some coach-like ways to invite people to shine:

1. Acknowledge the things you appreciate most about others.

Whether it’s a positive attitude or attention to detail, be sure to thank the people around you for their contributions, even if it’s simply starting every day with a smile. Notice what truly makes people unique, and acknowledge the positive difference those gifts make for you and others.

2. Hold space for people to make their own decisions.

Confidence is a great source of inner light. Supporting people to make their own choices stokes that inner flame of resilience. Help people build their confidence with questions such as, “What do you need to do or say to be at peace with this?” or “One year from now, what outcome will you be most proud of?”

3. Stay curious in the conversation.

People can always tell when they’re being judged. Staying genuinely curious in the conversation can keep both of your minds open to new possibilities. Greeting someone with curiosity is a sign of respect. People are far more willing to let their true light shine when they feel respected by others.

4. Ask questions that invite people to share who they are.

Instead of asking people about what they do and where they live, ask them about the things excite them or bring them joy. Did they just buy a new home? Ask what they love about it. Do they volunteer? Ask them what attracted them to support that cause. Use coaching approaches to explore what brings people joy in their lives.

5. Shine your own light brightly.

It can feel risky to let the world see who you really are. When we radiate our own light by consistently being our most authentic, compassionate selves, we quietly give people the inspiration and permission to do the same.

During this holiday season, you may be in conversation with people you find difficult for one reason or another. Rather than defaulting to tolerating people, try challenging yourself to learn something new about them. See if you can find ways to invite people to shine, even just a little bit. That will bring more light to their holiday season, and to yours. Here are a few questions that might help:

  • What’s one thing you wish I knew about you that I probably don’t?
  • As you look back on your year, what is one thing you are particularly proud of?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? What do you enjoy most about that?
  • What did you love to do when you were a kid? What was special about that for you?
  • What are you hoping for in 2020? How can I support you to make that happen?

Wishing you light and joy this holiday season! ????

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