Weekly Coaching Tips: Be Present in the Moment

Be present in the moment.#3 of 7 Coaching Tips for Becoming a Better Coaching-Based Leader

When it comes to coaching “in the moment” you have to be present to win. Present in the moment, that is. If you can’t give your full attention to someone for the length of a conversation, you can’t coach. End of story.

If you find it challenging to be present in the moment, it’s time to build this essential skill. Start by minimizing distractions and giving your attention to people you are in conversation with. All people, in all situations.

If you find that difficult, there are many ways to build this capability. Activities that require you to slow down and focus, such as yoga or meditation, can be helpful. Even giving your full, distraction-free attention to simple things like going for a walk, baking, or doing chores can be helpful.

The bottom-line is, you have to be fully present to win—and support others to win—through coaching.

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Look for Coaching Tip #4 next week, where you’ll learn to play a new game where everyone wins. Read Coaching Tip #2 here.

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