Coaching in the Moment

Coaching in the Moment is our flagship learning experience to instill "in the moment" coaching as a way of life.

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Coaching in the Moment®

Lay the foundation for a Safe and Seen coaching culture with Cylient’s Coaching in the Moment learning experience that many people respond to in a profound way. Through listening exercises, group discussions, practice with real-life coaching scenarios, and more, people discover for themselves the power that “in the moment” coaching ignites. Our simple, memorable Untying the Knot® approach to "in the moment" coaching is so practical, participants leave ready to engage in conversations they were previously avoiding.

Experience Coaching in the Moment with these delivery formats:

  • A one-day, in-person classroom setting
  • Synchronous, virtual delivery in one day or two half-days
  • Self-paced, moderator-guided Coaching in the Moment digital learning

When Untying the Knot becomes a shared language, people throughout your organization can resolve issues of any kind more quickly and effectively—together.

Who is Coaching in the Moment for?

We work with organizations with 30 employees to 300,000+ employees, across a variety of industries. Our Untying the Knot® approach is so practical, anyone who interacts with other people in their day-to-day duties will find value in learning this approach.

Some indicators that the Cylient System is the right fit might be:

  • You feel like leaders are doing more telling than coaching
  • Good people are leaving your organization because they don’t feel supported
  • People are avoiding talking about the things that really matter
  • People don’t know how turn DE&I intentions into practical actions
  • People aren’t getting the feedback they need when they need it

Coaching in the Moment participants gain the ability to:

  • Recognize coaching moments in day-to-day interactions

  • Appreciate that others see the world differently than they do

  • Ignite “in the moment” insights for others that create learning and engagement

  • Invite others to expand their worldviews to embrace new possibilities

  • Create forward momentum that fuels continuous learning from day-to-day challenges

  • Engage in conversations they were previously avoiding

Cylient delivered Coaching in the Moment digital learning cohorts to one client organization over a period of six months to a range of mid-level managers with no prior coaching experience. As a result:

  • 95% of participants would recommend the training to a colleague
  • 97% agreed the training contributed to the development of their skills
  • 98% agreed they would be able to immediately apply what they learned in their work environment

Here’s how Coaching in the Moment graduates have used their skills:

“In my role, I work as a business partner to a lot of managers in other departments, so I work with them to resolve issues. In this instance, I had a manager that said he kept receiving feedback from others that he was going overboard on giving feedback and responding to situations. In this conversation, I used my Coaching in the Moment skills and a simple metaphor to ignite insight. He responded really positively to that metaphor and continued to use it. He’s now using questions with his manager to clarify what specific tasks need to get done, and even his manager has come to me saying he’s noticed a difference in performance. I was surprised with the response to something as simple as that metaphor, and how it made such as impact on him. His actions have made it clear that this approach really made a difference.”

“I had an employee that was failing in his job role – I kept seeing the same errors happen. In his day-to-day work, he deals with customer service. There was something about him that I just couldn’t give up on, so I used Coaching in the Moment approaches with him. I kept asking different questions to get further down to what the real problem was. What I found was that in his previous jobs, he was never held accountable for his actions – he was just supposed to answer the question as quickly as possible, whether it was right or wrong. They were rewarded for answers, not customer service. Now, he’s truly one of my best employees. He can come to his own solutions, rather than asking me for my ideas. It has had an incredible impact. He never had a team environment before. He worked in his previous job for 2 ½ years, and he couldn’t even tell me the name of the person that sat next to him. Now, the team recognizes that he’s changing, and he’s making an effort to not only work with them, but be friends with them, too.”

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