Coaching in the Moment

Coaching-based leadership is the foundation of a Change-Able coaching culture. Our workshops, reinforcement tools and delivery capabilities can be scaled and adapted to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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Coaching in the Moment®

Begin the foundation for cultural change with Cylient’s Coaching in the Moment workshop, a learning experience that many people respond to in a profound way. Through listening exercises, group discussions, practice with real-life coaching scenarios, and more, people discover for themselves the power that “in the moment” coaching ignites. Our simple, memorable Untying the Knot® approach is so practical, participants leave the workshop ready to engage in conversations they were previously avoiding.

Experience Coaching in the Moment with these options:

  • An in-person classroom setting
  • Synchronous, virtual delivery
  • Coaching in the Moment digital learning

When Untying the Knot becomes a shared language, people throughout your organization can resolve issues of any kind more quickly and effectively—together—creating a Change-Able coaching culture. This workshop is also available globally through video-based digital learning.

Increasingly, organizations are using Coaching in the Moment to support large-scale initiatives—such as re-wiring business models, increasing innovation, merging organizations more smoothly, or simply to wire up a new, more appreciative way of leading and working together.

Coaching in the Moment participants gain the ability to:

  • Recognize coaching moments in day-to-day interactions

  • Appreciate that others see the world differently than they do

  • Ignite “in the moment” insights for others that create learning and engagement

  • Invite others to expand their worldviews to embrace new possibilities

  • Create forward momentum that fuels continuous learning from day-to-day challenges

  • Engage in conversations they were previously avoiding

Reinforce what you learned

Following the workshop, you can reinforce the concepts with Cylient’s network of reinforcement learning options that includes:
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