Coaching Moments® App: A Coach in Your Pocket

Coaching Moments is available for Apple and Android at the App Store and from Google Play.

Do you ever just wish you had someone you could talk things over with for a few minutes? Maybe you want to get on the same page with a colleague of yours, but your best attempts haven’t worked. Or maybe you need to give some feedback to an employee about a behavior pattern that’s not working for her, or anyone else. What do you do when no one’s around who can give you some coaching in the moment?

Our Coaching Moments app is designed to fill in the blank when you could use a quick coaching conversation, but you’re missing a coach. The randomly generated coaching questions in the app help you coach yourself to consider different perspectives and options for engaging in challenging conversations.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re frustrated and concerned that your boss is taking a position on something that’s too limited. You know if you just come out and tell her how frustrated you are, you’re more likely to make her angry than invite her to change.

How do you invite her to think about the situation differently without crossing the line?

You could take a moment to reflect upon some of the randomly generating coaching questions in the Coaching Moments app in the “Coaching Up” section. As you flip through the questions and comments in the app, notice what catches your attention, and take a moment to reflect upon the questions that resonate for you. You can capture your thoughts in the app, via text or audio, or simply write your ideas down.

Here are a few of the questions you’ll find there:

“What other agendas might be at play in this situation? Can you influence them in anyway?”

Consider, “What assumptions or beliefs are playing into this situation? How could those be shifted?”

“Consider sharing your insights about the dynamics you see without blame or frustration.”

Consider, “What fears or concerns might your manager have that are playing into this situation?”

Hopefully your quick reflection will give you a fresh take on your manager’s perspective and choices, and opened up some ideas for moving forward that you hadn’t thought of before.

The app contains random coaching questions for:

  • Difficult behavior
  • Empowerment
  • Complex situations
  • Coaching up
  • Colleagues
  • I’m stuck

It also has a listening exercise with a debrief if you want to hear an example of a Coaching in the Moment® conversation. It also contains concise instructions for recognizing opportunities for coaching and getting started with Coaching in the Moment conversations.

I hope you’ll check out the Coaching Moments app. It’s on sale through the end of February for 99 cents. If you find it helpful, please write a review.

Coaching Moments is available for Apple and Android at the App Store and from Google Play.

Happy coaching!

Dianna L. Anderson, MCC
CEO, Cylient

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