Presentation: Coaching Our Way to a New World

Last week, Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson presented at the virtual CLO Exchange. During this presentation, “Coaching Our Way to a New World,” Dianna discusses how “in the moment” coaching approaches can be used by leaders everywhere to help navigate the change and uncertainty we’re all feeling from COVID-19. Watch the recording of the presentation below:

COVID-19 has opened to door for us to wire up new ways of thinking, working and being. That is the gift and opportunity of these times—to reinvent our leaders, our organizations and our world. Our focus now needs to be using coaching approaches to build the capabilities and perspectives we need to navigate these turbulent times and co-create our new world together.

“In the moment” coaching and feedback skills support rapid, forward-focused change by:

  • Helping people to feel calmer and more focused in the midst of uncertainty
  • Encouraging people to reach out and support each other and foster connection
  • Enabling people to learn with and from each other as they work together to resolve complex challenges
  • Draining the fear out of our cultures so that creativity thrives and we can reimagine what is possible, together

More Coaching Approaches

Learn more about the specific steps you can take to integrate “in the moment” coaching approaches in your day-to-day conversations with our Video Coaching Series, “How Do I Lead Now?” Watch Episode 1 here.

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