Consilient Organizations

The level of complexity in our world is rising exponentially, and there’s no end in sight.  Our challenge is to evolve ourselves and our organizations to find new ways of working and being that enable us to find and realize opportunity in what sometimes looks like chaos.

Recently, IBM released their Global CEO Study summarizing the findings from face-to-face interviews with over 1500 CEOs and senior leaders around the world.  The study concludes that:

  • The primary challenge that CEOs face is effectively responding to the ever-increasing rise in complexity, with more than half of the CEOs doubting their ability to manage in this increasingly complex and volatile environment.
  • Developing more creative leadership that supports innovation and more flexible responses to challenges is essential.
  • Increasing the operating dexterity of organizations so they can respond with greater speed and insight to challenges and opportunity is critical.

Our vision of a consilient organization is one that addresses these concerns by fundamentally shifting how we think about and go about working.  We defineconsilience as creating more generative and unified ways of thinking, working and being.  In practical terms, that means moving past the infighting and turf wars that drain so much creativity and vitality from our organizations, and getting people engaged in making a meaningful difference.

Through this blog we will explore the many facets of this evolutionary process of moving from command and control to consilience.  We look forward to being in dialogue with you to create and build upon our shared insights as we discover the possibilities of consilient organizations.

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