Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson Featured on MillerKnoll Podcast

Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson was recently featured on Leadership By Design, a Global Talent Management Podcast, hosted by Heather Esposito of MillerKnoll (formerly Herman Miller). In this conversation, they discuss how “in the moment” coaching influences change of any kind.

Listen to the podcast episode here:

In this episode, Heather and Dianna talk about why the strategies for changing things is not the same as the strategy for helping people change. They discuss how the skill of coaching can be used to effectively help people through the behavior change that makes large scale change possible. And, Dianna answers some rapid-fire learning and leadership questions at the end of the episode. What did you learn that stuck out to you? Leave a comment below.

Read the article Dianna references here: Conversations that Catalyze Complex Change

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