Cylient CEO Featured in Training Industry: Unraveling Complexity with a Culture of Coaching

Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson recently wrote an article that was featured in the Winter issue of Training Industry: Unraveling Complexity with a Culture of Coaching.

In this article, she details how complexity has changed over the years, and how changing human behavior is very different than changing technical or tactical systems. She argues that in our world of ever-evolving complexity, we need people with original thinking to imagine new ideas and envision elegant new ways of approaching complex issues—and commanding compliance will not support those traits.

Read more to understand Dianna’s perspective on where our world is headed, and how organizations can tap into the most powerful and plentiful energy available to them—human potential.


About Dianna Anderson

Dianna Anderson, MCC, is the CEO of Cylient, and the creator of Cylient’s system for wiring up coaching cultures where people feel safe, seen and supported to realize their fullest potential. Thousands of people around the world use Cylient’s Untying the Knot® approach to “in the moment” coaching and feedback conversations to learn with and from each other as they address real issues in real time. 

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