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Like many organizations, we found that our work has evolved considerably over the last few years, however, how we shared our story with the world has not kept pace.  We’ve spent much of the last year rebranding Cylient to bring our story into alignment with our reality. We hope you like the results!

Coaching has evolved considerably since I entered the nascent field in 1995. At the first ICF (International Coach Federation) conference we truly wondered if coaching would really catch on. Imagine!

Coaching has evolved a lot since then. Coaching was initially practiced solely as a series of private conversations between a professional coach and a client that unfolded over months.  Now, the true power of coaching is being harnessed to drive transformational change that is re-wiring entire organizations – in the moment – conversation by conversation. Cylient has been at the forefront of driving that change. And we continue to push the edge on what’s possible through coaching and coaching-based leadership.

Our goal is to ignite a different dialogue – globally – by making coaching a way of life for everyone, everywhere. That way we can resolve our greatest challenges – between peers, within teams, throughout organizations and beyond — by creating shared insights that illuminate possibilities and drive change.  We hope you will join us in creating this new reality by making coaching a way of life.

Our new website is filled with ideas for making this happen. Check out our new videos. Here are a few examples:

Let us know what you think.

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