Dancing on the Edge of Edgy Conversations: A Dialogue with Dianna Anderson

This event has passed. Watch the recording of Cylient CEO and Master Certified Coach Dianna Anderson, where she talks about something we’re all experiencing lately: dancing on the edge of edgy conversations.

Conversations feel edgy when we approach the edge of what we feel comfortable with. Yet, that is often where the richest learning happens and where true connections are made. If we are going to collectively break through new ways of thinking and being, we need to find ways to dance together on the edge of consequential conversations without falling over it. That’s how we’ll push the edge on what is possible.

In this dialogue, Dianna Anderson, Cylient CEO and Master Certified Coach, discusses how to engage in edgy conversations without falling into the abyss of dysfunctionality. In this practical conversation, Dianna Anderson shares:

  • Why engaging in authentic, edgy conversations is so important now
  • Thoughts on how to respond when emotions are running high
  • Ways to create connections when they seem hard to find
  • How to build capacity to dance on the edge of emotionally rich conversations

Download a Guide on How to Dance Beautifully on the Edge of Edgy Conversations

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