Dialogue: Leading with Gratitude and Grace in Trying Times

This dialogue, “Leading with Gratitude and Grace in Trying Times,” has passed. Watch the video below for the recording.

Dialogue Description

Leading with Gratitude and Grace in Trying Times

It’s easy to be grateful when times are good. It’s much harder when your world—and the world—feels chaotic and uncertain. Yet when people choose to lead from a place of gratitude and grace, they can become the calm in the eye of the storm. And, they are able to share their centeredness with others, including family, friends, coworkers—and anyone they encounter.

Leading with Grace and Gratitude

Watch Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson talk about how to cultivate gratitude and grace in your life so it becomes the steady center of your presence—and your leadership style. In this dialogue, she talks about:

  • Why gratitude and grace are so important right now
  • How shifting your attitude about gratitude changes your experience
  • Tips on how to lead with gratitude and grace

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