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Our digital learning enables you to offer our Coaching in the Moment® content to anyone in your organization on a global scale. Our digital learning experience—offered on Intrepid’s MOOC platform—is a cohort-based learning experience that takes advantage of social learning and other interactive modalities to create a vibrant learning community.

Throughout the six weeks, learners apply their new skills in real-life situations and share their observations through social learning, discussions, offline assignments and more. Each cohort is led by a moderator who guides the learning experience. Combined with Application Sessions, the digital learning programs offer a scalable blended learning approach for organizations of any size.

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The Coaching in the Moment digital learning training program makes coaching come alive with:
  • Videos of Dianna Anderson, Cylient co-founder and creator, facilitating the learning experience
  • Actors depicting real-life coaching situations that participants reflect upon in writing before hearing a debrief by Cylient CEO
  • Interactive exercises, such as multiple-choice quizzes, that test understanding of the content and fully engage participants in the learning experience
  • Real-life application of “in the moment” coaching approaches, along with reflection exercises, to cement learning
  • Opportunities to engage with other learners in multiple ways on the collaborative learning platform, including discussion threads and reports submitted by other learners
  • A moderator guiding learners throughout the six-week course by offering comments, initiating conversations and encouraging participation

“I learned more about coaching in this six-week program than I have in courses that have taken six months."

People Development Director
Technology Company

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