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Our digital learning enables you to offer the same content as the instructor-led Coaching in the Moment® and Feedback in the Moment® workshops to anyone in your organization on a global scale. It can also be used with workshop participants to reinforce the learning from the instructor-led workshops. Combined with Application Sessions, the digital learning programs offer a scalable blended learning approach for organizations of any size.

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The Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment digital learning training programs are highly interactive learning experiences featuring:
  • Video of Dianna Anderson, Cylient co-founder and creator, facilitating the learning experience
  • Real-life coaching situations brought to life by actors
  • Dynamic exercises that draw participants into the learning experience
  • Opportunities to engage with other learners on a collaborative learning platform through video and voice chat

“Coaching in the Moment has prepared our leaders to better listen to their employees, and engage their best thinking, especially as we move into uncharted territory, moving from a utility to an energy management company. I've seen leaders rely on their coaching skills to manage this transition.”

HR Consultant
Energy Management Company

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