Episode 3 of Video Coaching Series: How Do I Lead Now?

Episode 3 of our Video Coaching Series: How Do I Lead Now? is here! Watch the video below, and then reflect on the following questions.

Last week, Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson talked about what we need from leaders right now. One of the things we learned is that we need leaders to meet people where they are to create a safe space where people can be their best selves and bring their best ideas forward. This week in Episode 3 of our Video Coaching Series, Dianna goes into detail about how to do just that.

Meeting people where they are means that you dive into the details of what they are really feeling in that moment. It’s about truly listening for the underlying emotion that the other person is feeling. Rather than giving them the answer or jumping in with your own insight, meeting people where they are means helping others ignite insight about what is in their hearts and minds. Doing this creates a safe space, which leads to more trust in your relationship with them.

Reflection Questions

At the end of the video, Dianna poses the following questions. Reflect on these questions, and then write your insights, observations or questions in the comment box below.

  • How are you at meeting people where they are?
  • If you are comfortable with this, what can you do to take your capabilities to the next level?
  • If this is new to you, what’s one change you could make that might help people feel more comfortable in your presence?

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