Understanding and Appreciating Worldviews (Episode 8 of “How Do I Lead Now?”)

In Episode 8 of our Video Coaching Series: “How Do I Lead Now?” Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson talks about why appreciating worldviews is so important, and how to do that now.

Given the current world we live in, and how it’s changing so frequently, appreciating worldviews can be a really valuable tool for having the conversations that really matter. Appreciating how another person sees the world is helpful when you have a disconnect or disagreement with someone, and it starts with getting curious about what the other person assumes or believes about the world around them. Asking questions, while in a centered place, can guide you both to a place of common ground, rather than a divide.

Reflection Questions

Watch the video to understand what it takes to appreciate and understand worldviews. Then, reflect on the following. Take notes in a journal if you feel that would help, and post your insights and observations in a comment below. Consider:

  •  What do you do to appreciate how other people see the world?
  • If you don’t have many practices in place, what activities could you engage in to help expand your own worldview?

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