Weekly Coaching Tips: Expand Your Worldview

Expand your worldview#6 of 7 Coaching Tips for Becoming a Better Coaching-Based Leader

To be an effective coach, it’s essential that you continue to open your mind to new ways of thinking, being and doing. The greater your repertoire of understanding is, the more appreciative you will be of what others have to offer. Expanding your worldview is what enables you to see potential for learning, growth and contribution in others—and in yourself.

Expand your horizons by reading things that you don’t necessarily agree with, talk with people that you find a bit challenging and try new experiences. Even small things like going to a performance of something you’ve never seen before, trying a new cuisine, or having lunch with someone in your department that you don’t know well will expand your view of the world.

Your coaching will be as limited or expansive as you are. Expand your boundaries to expand your influence and impact.

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Look for Coaching Tip #7 next week, where you’ll learn how to break a bad habit when it comes to asking coaching questions. Read Coaching Tip #5 here.

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