Grow Innovation with a Coaching Culture

Innovation begins with a person’s worldview. How you look at the world opens or closes the doors of possibility.

Seeing new connections in familiar landscapes is a challenge when you’ve been trained to judge your experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, useful or not. Managers who take a compliance-based approach to leadership tend to make these value judgments so quickly and subconsciously that they may not even notice the judgment was made.  Evaluating, finding fault with, and correcting things and people is what these managers have been trained and rewarded for their entire careers. It’s second nature.

Even when compliance-based leaders are told to be open and explore ideas before judging them, often they simply stay quiet long enough to make it look like they didn’t jump to a conclusion. But their brains made the leap to “don’t like it” pretty quickly.

Innovation won’t flourish in compliance-based cultures. The inherent judgment focus that compliance-based leadership is based upon is like the herbicide Roundup for new ideas. It kills on contact, and don’t expect anything to grow in that place any time soon. If you want to grow new ideas, it’s essential to shift the culture to one that recognizes and appreciates potential in all things – and all people. That’s what a true coaching culture does.

At Cylient, our Untying the Knot® approach to coaching is founded on appreciating how others see the world and recognizing the potential in all things. This transformational worldview opens doors that compliance-based leaders didn’t even notice were there. When people look through the eyes of a coach, they’re able to connect the dots that bring the inherent potential in people and ideas to life.

If you’re serious about innovation, you have to first get serious about ingraining coaching as a way of life. That is Cylient’s mission. We constantly innovate to find faster, more engaging and enduring ways to open coaching worldviews for your people and your entire organization. So innovation can and will take hold, grow and flourish.

Check out my three minute video on what a coaching culture really is.

Dianna Anderson, MCC
CEO, Cylient

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