Virtual Dialogue: How Do I Get Leaders to Take Coaching-Based Leadership Seriously?

This event, “How Do I Get Leaders to Take Coaching-Based Leadership Seriously?” has passed—watch the dialogue with the recording below!


You understand that coaching-based leadership is essential for navigating your organizational ship in the heavy seas of change we find ourselves in. You can see traditional leadership approaches often leave your leaders struggling to support people through the massive upheaval they are experiencing. But what do you do if your leaders don’t understand this and just keep doing what they have always done?

Watch Dianna Anderson, Cylient CEO and Master Certified Coach, host a dialogue on how to help senior leaders understand what coaching-based leadership really is. We discussed how to help them grasp how coaching-based leaders are the kinds of leaders their people—and organization—need right now.

This practical conversation will give you:

  • A deeper appreciation for what keeps leaders from embracing this important change
  • Ideas on how to demonstrate the value of “in the moment” coaching
  • More confidence to talk with leaders about why “in the moment” coaching is so important now
  • Thoughts on how to help leaders get started with coaching-based leadership

Dianna Anderson answers participants’ questions and provides “in the moment” coaching at the end of this session.

5 Things You Can Do to Help Leaders Embrace Coaching-Based Leadership Now

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