Hand in Hand: How “in the Moment” Coaching Brings Inclusion to Life | Dialogue

This dialogue has passed. Watch the recording of “How ‘in the Moment’ Coaching Brings Inclusion to Life” below:

Inclusion happens in the moment, when individuals feel seen and heard for who they are and what they have to offer. It takes curiosity, compassion and courage to establish an inclusive culture where people recognize old limiting patterns of behavior in action and adopt new ways of relating to people who are different from them. Join this dialogue to learn how “in the moment” coaching facilitates that transition with grace and ease.

In this interactive dialogue, Dianna Anderson, Master Certified Coach and CEO of Cylient, shares her thoughts on:

  • What coaching and inclusion have in common
  • Why good intentions don’t always turn into new behaviors
  • The practical ways leaders can use their coaching skills to become more compassionate, inclusive leaders
  • How coaching-based leadership fosters a more inclusive culture

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