Is Your Organization Ready for Behavior Change at Scale? | Virtual Presentation by Dianna Anderson

This presentation, Is Your Organization Ready for Behavior Change at Scale?, was originally presented by Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson at the Opal Group Learning & Development Virtual Summit.

About the Presentation

We are now challenged to translate the fresh insights and good intentions from 2020 into new ways of working and being together. Whether your organization is grappling with creating a more just and equitable culture, transitioning to a hybrid work environment, or rethinking what good and effective leadership looks like now—you are faced with the prospect of initiating and supporting significant behavior change at scale. A holistic approach is needed to prepare your organization to come together and engage these challenges—and each other—in practical and productive ways. This provocative presentation will illuminate key leverage points to turn good intentions into great outcomes, in part by instilling a culture where people feel safe, seen and supported to realize their potential.

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