Weekly Coaching Tips: Learn to Recognize Fear

Learn to recognize fear#5 of 7 Coaching Tips for Becoming a Better Coaching-Based Leader

Fear has many faces. Often, people don’t recognize fear in others because it shows up in ways they’re not used to.

When you encounter people doing things that you find frustrating, or counterproductive, take a moment to consider what might be motivating the person to do whatever they are doing. Often, you will find that the person is fearful, and is just trying to stay safe.

We all get frightened sometimes. Coaching people to move through their fears and limitations and become more confident and productive people requires true compassion.

We can all use more compassion. Isn’t that how you would want others to greet you when you’re frightened?

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Look for Coaching Tip #6 next week, where you’ll learn a fun way to become a better coach. Read Coaching Tip #4 here.

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