Learning as a Journey: Changing Mindsets Using Online Collaborative Learning

A Dialogue with Intrepid Learning and Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson

This dialogue has passed. Watch the recording below.

Before the pandemic, the focus was on how online collaborative learning could replicate what happened in the classroom. After almost three years (and counting!) of learning online, we’ve discovered so many ways that online collaborative learning can break the bounds of the classroom, particularly when it moves into blended, cohort-based learning. As good learning professionals, we have to ask ourselves, how can we make the greatest impact with this rich, multifaceted approach to learning?

Perhaps the greatest learning challenge of the current moment is moving from teaching people skills to wiring up new, more progressive mindsets at scale. Join this interactive dialogue between Principal Learning Strategist J.R. Burch from Intrepid Learning and Dianna Anderson, Founder and CEO of Cylient, as they discuss:

  • What is the difference between training someone to learn a skill versus wiring up an expanded mindset?
  • Why is this shift in learning so important right now?
  • What advantages does collaborative online learning have over learning in the classroom—or other training formats—when it comes to reshaping how people think and act, at scale?
  • What mindset changes do we need to have about learning itself to make the most of the advantages that collaborative online, cohort-based learning offers?

J.R. Burch, Principal Learning Strategist at Intrepid by VitalSource

J.R. is a learning professional and a reformed instructional designer, on a mission to rid the world of boring training. He’s been a part of learning from every angle – as a classroom facilitator, a virtual facilitator, an instructional designer, and a program manager. He’s seen all of the ways learning can go wrong, and even contributed to it a few times in his early days, but has learned from the mistakes of the past and transformed his way of thinking into learner-centric design. He now helps lead others out from the dark ages of learning where everything was siloed and self-paced, and works with them to create engaging, impactful learning experiences where learners don’t just consume the content, they are actively part of the content.

Dianna Anderson, Co-Founder and CEO of Cylient

Dianna Anderson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cylient, and the creator of Cylient’s unique approach for instilling Safe and Seen coaching cultures. The Coaching in the Moment® approach that Dianna created has enabled thousands of people, worldwide, to integrate coaching approaches into any conversation with anyone, at any time, in order to build connections and co-create new ways of thinking and working together.

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