Life Coach Path Interviews Dianna Anderson

Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson was recently interviewed by the National Coach Academy and Life Coach Path about her journey as a coach, and how she created the foundational workshops for Cylient.

This series by the National Coach Academy aims to inspire coaches to reach their full potential by showcasing real coaches and sharing their stories. We hope that some of Dianna’s insight helps inspire others to use coaching skills in their everyday life.

You can find the full interview here.

Throughout the interview, Dianna explains how her career started in change management, then shifted to individual coaching and finally, transformed into her personal mission of making coaching a way of life for the world.

Back in the 1990s, because coaching was so new, Dianna was one of the first to graduate from Coach University, founded by Thomas Leonard. From Leonard’s guidance and thought leadership, Dianna saw the potential for coaching to be a leadership style and way of life—that’s where Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment came from.

She had some sage advice for people looking to start a coaching business of their own:

“If you’re serious about coaching, you have to be serious about pushing the edge on your own learning and your own insight as a coach and that comes from finding the people that will challenge you wherever they may be. I think really great coaches work with really great coaches.”

It’s been a rewarding journey, she said, referencing the impact she gets to see through individual coaching and instilling coaching cultures within organizations.

“Initially, the most rewarding was individually watching people make this kind of change,” Dianna said. “For me, what’s really rewarding is to watch the work that Cylient does — transform not just individuals but entire organizations. That’s pretty cool.”

Read more about Dianna’s journey and her advice to other coaches by clicking this link.

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