Max’s Mission: Love and Be Loved

Max, our 120-pound Akita, has a mission in life: He’s here to Love and Be Loved.  He can’t help it. That’s just who he is. Since Cylient’s celebrating Share the Love month, I thought I’d share some of Max’s guidelines for living a loving life.

Assume Everyone Loves You

It’s amazing how the world opens up to you when you assume the best in others. Max approaches people with a goofy grin and a wagging tail. He just assumes that they want to be loved and he’s ready to oblige. He’s okay when others don’t immediately accept his offer, but he doesn’t give up easily, and he doesn’t hold a grudge. Nor does rejection dampen his enthusiasm to step whole-heartedly into the next opportunity that walks by to love and be loved.
How would your experience change if you assumed the best in others and assumed they saw the best in you?

Help Others in Need

Max is highly intuitive. He can sense when someone is annoyed or hurt and he does his best to help.  It’s hard to stay upset when he bops your arm with his ample muzzle, insisting that you should pet him, and then gives you kisses in return for your good deed.
Do you ever just give someone a hug when they look like they need it? You don’t have to solve their problems, just let them know you see them and you care. 

Take Responsibility for Your Own Happiness

Max likes treats – a lot! He also likes pets and he loves to play. Max doesn’t sit around waiting for someone else to take the lead. He asks very directly for what he wants. He’s willing to negotiate, if necessary, although he usually wins. He’s very persuasive. He’s clear about what’s important to him and he takes responsibility for his own happiness.
Do you sometimes make yourself miserable waiting for others to intuit what you want and give it to you? Why not ask directly and respectfully for what’s important to you, and be willing to negotiate, if needs be. It makes life easier and you happier. 

Meet People Where They Are

When we take Max to the fabulous Des Moines Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings he’s greeted by all kinds of people – wildly enthusiastic children, people in wheelchairs, sometimes people who are a bit rough around the edges, even puppies who want to use his tail as a chew toy.  He sees and accepts them all for who they are.
Can you look beyond people’s protective coverings to see the loving being hiding within?  They’re there.  Sometimes you just have to look carefully. It takes practice.

I’m hoping that Max has inspired you, as he has inspired us here at Cylient, to share love with others as a daily practice. It feels great! As an extra bonus, you may be surprised at the delightful ways love finds its way back to you, sometimes when you least expect it.

Dianna Anderson, MCC
CEO, Cylient

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