The Cylient System

It takes a system to change a system. The Cylient System is a comprehensive learning process that prepares leaders to engage in the kinds of coaching or feedback conversations they are expected to have in the flow of work.

Getting coaching-based leadership to stick takes consistent, concerted effort. That’s why we built The Cylient System for instilling Safe and Seen coaching cultures. Our Untying the Knot approach to “in the moment” coaching and feedback is introduced in our Coaching in the Moment workshop. The learning continues with our Feedback in the Moment workshop, where participants learn how to offer feedback inside of “in the moment” coaching conversations. A robust learning ecosphere of reinforcement activities accompanies each learning experience to make the learning stick and wire up a new worldview of what it means to be a good and effective leader now.

  • Coaching in the Moment®

    Our Coaching in the Moment learning experiences uses our Untying the Knot approach to teach people how to use coaching approaches in day-to-day situations that engage people to learn and take action.

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  • Feedback in the Moment®

    Feedback in the Moment builds upon Coaching in the Moment by teaching people how to deliver developmental feedback within an "in the moment" coaching conversation.

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  • Train-the-Trainer Certification

    Comprehensive training that certifies your employees to be facilitators, moderators and champions to deliver Cylient’s learning experiences to the rest of your organization.

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  • Application Sessions

    A series of virtual or in-person one-hour practice sessions that deepen the learning after the workshops or turn our digital learning into a blended learning experience.

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  • Coaching Moments® App

    Offers on-the-go support for conducting coaching conversations via Apple or Android devices.

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  • Coaching in the Moment Blog

    Provides participants with a private community to continue learning and to connect with other Coaching in the Moment graduates.

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  • Reinforcement Email Series

    Strengthens skills by offering quick, practical ways to apply what was learned.

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“The Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment workshops have expanded how we talk about coaching in our organization. We use the Cylient System to build off of other models and get others to think about how to expand people’s worldview through coaching. We use Coaching in the Moment themes, concepts and terminology as a link to everything we do, which has been really effective for us."

Vice President
Distribution Company

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