The Cylient System includes reinforcement elements to ensure that the learning from the workshops and digital learning becomes a way of life in your organization. These support services help to drive rapid adoption and rewire your corporate culture.

  • Application Sessions

    Cylient offers three one-hour practice sessions (per workshop) that focus on helping Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment® graduates deepen their abilities to apply their coaching capabilities in real-life situations. Sessions can be delivered in person or virtually by your facilitators or ours. Create a blended learning experience by offering Application Sessions with our digital learning programs.

  • Coaching in the Moment® Blog

    All Coaching in the Moment graduates have access to a blog that expands upon the concepts from the workshops. Insightful articles provide practical ideas that support the integration of key learnings into their work and interactions.

  • Coaching Moments® App

    The Coaching Moments® App helps you turn day-to-day interactions into opportunities to help people learn and grow. It’s a unique tool to prepare you to talk with your boss, or to have a meaningful discussion with a co-worker or a friend. It truly is a coach in your pocket, generating insightful questions that help you coach others and coach yourself.

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  • Reinforcement Email Series

    Cylient’s Coach-the-Coach email series offers eight weekly emails following each of the workshops (or digital learning training programs) which include either an audio or a video focusing on a specific coaching concept from the workshops. Participants are challenged to apply these coaching concepts in day-to-day situations and journal about their experiences to deepen their learning.

  • Video-Based Digital Learning

    The full content of our Coaching in the Moment and Feedback in the Moment workshops is available through globally-scalable digital learning.

    Our online video-based programs can also serve as a reinforcement to our in-person workshops. These highly engaging videos include creator Dianna Anderson as the facilitator, interactive exercises and the opportunity to interact with other learners on the platform of our digital learning platform.

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