Weekly Coaching Tips: Stop Trying to Fix Everyone Else’s Problems

Stop fixing everyone else's problems and use "in the moment" coaching instead.#2 of 7 Coaching Tips for Becoming a Better Coaching-Based Leader

Do you tend to jump into “fixing” everyone else’s problems before you even think about it? That very common habit closes down opportunities for “in the moment” coaching faster than anything else.

To break this habit, practice stopping for a moment before you launch into telling someone what to do and ask yourself, “Would it be better to help this person learn from this experience?”

Consider whether the person will benefit from:

  • Learning how to think this kind of situation through for themselves
  • Exploring alternative ways to approach the situation
  • Taking a more expanded view of what’s really going on
  • Building confidence by making their own decision

If the answer is “yes,” switch into coaching by focusing on helping the person to connect the dots for themselves.

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Look for Coaching Tip #3 next week, where you’ll learn a life changing skill. Read Coaching Tip #1 here.

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