Why Building a Coaching Culture Should be a Strategic Imperative—Now!

Is building a coaching culture for your enterprise a strategic priority for your organization in 2019, or does it fall further down the list in the “nice to do someday” category? If building a [...]

Cultivate Curiosity with Coaching Cultures

We need to set the record straight: curiosity does not kill cats, but lack of curiosity might. And a lack of curiosity might endanger you and your organization, too. Out in the wild, the cats [...]

Why We Need More Meaningful Conversations

It seems like there’s a lot of focus these days on getting people to have difficult conversations. I think that putting more emphasis on consistently having meaningful conversations is more [...]

Why “in the Moment” Coaching is the Foundation of a Coaching Culture

People’s day-to-day interactions are what give culture its feel and flavor. Are people caring or curt? Are they honest or evasive? Do they get curious when things don’t go as expected, or caught [...]

What are Coaching Cultures and Why Don’t They Catch On?

Reason #1: People don’t practice, practice, practice In my first blog in this series, I described Cylient’s perspective on what a coaching culture is. Now, let’s look at some of the reasons that [...]

What are Coaching Cultures and Why Don’t They Catch On?

I’m back! It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. I have a good excuse, though. I’ve been working with the wonderful creative team at Braidio to turn our Coaching in the Moment® workshop into [...]

What Does It Mean to Win?

How you define “winning” may be informing your life in ways you are not aware of. And your strategy for “winning” could be costing you, and others, more than you think. I once coached a senior [...]

Want to Save Time? Make Coaching Your Leadership Style of Choice

Many people feel that taking a coaching approach to leadership is a nice thing to do, if they have the time, which they rarely do. I hold that leaders don’t have the time because they’re not [...]

The Value of Scaring the Heck Out of Yourself

Personally, I find there is great value in scaring the heck out of myself from time to time. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “heck” is a euphemistic alteration of “hell,” which is generally [...]

The Five Fallacies of Feedback

Mention the word “feedback” and most people cringe, at least on the inside. Feedback isn’t the problem. How feedback is delivered is most often the issue. Poor feedback delivery skills are in [...]