The Three “C’s” of a Coaching Perspective

Coaching begins with a coaching perspective. How you look at situations determines whether you see the coaching opportunities that are available, or whether you simply see more problems. To look at the world through the eyes of a coach you need three things.

Curiosity: You won’t see possibilities in situations unless you’re curious about what’s possible. Coaches are curious about all things — how much people can grow and change, how things can be done differently, and what would happen if people were willing to talk with each other instead of about each other, to name a few.

Compassion: Coaches have compassion for people.  All people. They understand that everyone — themselves included — are trying hard and doing their best. Even when their best isn’t too impressive. They recognize the faces of fear in people who are gruff or short with others or who step away instead of stepping forward in the face of a challenge. They remember when they were afraid themselves, and they have compassion for the fearful as well as those who are gifted with the confidence to step into the headwinds of life full on.

Courage: It always cracks me up when people tell me that coaching is “fluffy” or “soft.” It’s anything but. True coaching requires the courage to tell the truth, to stay in the conversation even when emotions run high and to risk believing that change is possible when everyone else says it can’t be done. That’s what courage looks like. That’s where coaching conversations begin.

How do the three “C’s” show up in your work?

  • Do you need to get more curious about what’s possible in a situation that seems stuck?
  • Have you chosen to judge others and dismiss them, rather than having compassion for who they are?
  • Where would a bit more courage make the greatest difference right now?

Coaching begins with you and your willingness to step into whatever life brings you with curiosity, compassion and courage.

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