Through the Eyes of a Coaching-Based Leader

The coaching-based leader looks at the world through a different lens than his problem solving cousin. He sees problems around him, of course, however, he chooses to look through them and focus on the person behind the presenting issue. He doesn’t get tangled up in his own emotional reactions of arguing, blaming and labeling when the world does not meet his expectations. Instead, gives his attention to creating forward momentum and realizing the potential in situations for learning and growth.

When the coaching-based leader’s colleague disagrees with him, he gets curious about his colleague’s perspective. The coaching-based leader asks questions to better understand, instead of asserting that his opinion is right. He illuminates his own perspective with analogies and stories that invite reflection and the consideration of other options. In these ways, he earns the respect and trust of his colleague and they work together to find shared understanding.

The coaching-based leader resists the urge to explain to his teenage daughter why her plan won’t work. He takes a breath, he listens, and he hears that under her resolute bravado is a hint of concern. He asks what’s concerning her the most.  Together they sort through her hidden fears and she discovers for herself a more productive path forward. She appreciates her father’s support.

The coaching-based leader understands it’s his job to compassionately challenge his employees – and others – to learn how to learn. He knows that renewing and reinforcing this essential skill is perhaps the greatest gift he can give to others in a world of constant change. He looks for opportunities everyday to encourage people to think for themselves, to build more complex skills and to tackle sticky situations with greater finesse. He finds it rewarding to watch his people become more capable, confident and resourceful.

The coaching-based leader uses his own insight to ignite the insight of his manager in ways that enables his manager to see possibilities. The coaching-based leader works insightful questions and observations into his communications with his manager in ways that invite reflection and deeper conversation.  Because he is respectful and has the true intention of being helpful, his manager relies on him as a thinking partner.

The coaching-based leader still solves problems for others when he needs to. He finds, though, that the more he coaches others the less they rely on him to tell them what to do. This gives the coaching-based leader the space he needs focus on the more complex strategic work he never had time for when he was constantly problem solving “fires.”

What if your organization was filled with coaching-based leaders?  Image what could be accomplished. Cylient can help you and your organization turn that dream into reality.


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