Try a Coaching in the Moment Pilot

“In the moment” coaching conversations are a critical success factor for addressing the emotional side of change. Building enterprise-wide “in the moment” coaching capabilities delivers tremendous value when organizations are:

  • Transitioning to no-rater performance management
  • Creating a new shared culture after a merger or acquisition
  • Seeking to create higher levels of engagement
  • Implementing major changes to the business model
  • Evolving to a more responsive, collaborative culture

Cylient offers discounted pilot Coaching in the Moment workshops to let you try the work out in your environment and get feedback from key stakeholders. Offering a pilot is a great way  to build momentum for instilling coaching as a preferred leadership style in your organization.

Contact Cylient CEO, Dianna Anderson, if you would like to discuss offering a pilot workshop at your organization. You can reach Dianna at 515.727.4200 or If you’d like to request a personal WebEx demo of our work, please click here.

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