Virtual Dialogue: The Business Imperative of a Safe and Seen Culture

Watch the recording of “The Business Imperative of a Safe and Seen Culture” below:

Do you feel safe being seen for who you truly are at work? How much of yourself do you edit, minimize or hide to fit in?

Now, consider those questions on a corporate scale, and ask yourself: How much energy, initiative and ingenuity are lost when people edit themselves to feel safe? We have no idea because people don’t share their best ideas or take unnecessary risks when they feel threatened.

Cultures that subtly—or blatantly—use fear-based leadership tactics to compel compliance are an expensive relic of a time when we needed people to do what they were told to keep companies running like well-oiled machines. The thing is, well-oiled machines aren’t doing that well these days. Nimble, responsive, adaptive organizations that creatively respond to their environment are faring much better. So, how do organizations go from compliant to creative?

In this interactive virtual dialogue, Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson explores:

  • What keeps people from feeling safe and seen?
  • What happens when people feel safe—and when they don’t?
  • Why is cultivating human potential a business imperative in this current moment?
  • Where do you begin to cultivate a Safe and Seen culture?

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