Weekly Coaching Tips: Look for Potential

Look for potential in people and situations#1 of 7 Coaching Tips for Becoming a Better Coaching-Based Leader

The goal of coaching is to help others realize more of their potential. Potential is everywhere. It’s hiding in plain sight. You simply need to train yourself to see it. 

In order to look for potential in day-to-day interactions, you need to change your inner dialogue. Rather than asking, “What’s wrong?” (with this person or situation), ask yourself, “What’s possible?”

Potential looks like:

  • Helping someone move through a fear and learn something new
  • Guiding a colleague to have a difficult conversation they’ve been avoiding
  • Encouraging someone who’s good at something to become great
  • Supporting people with new ideas to bring them to life

Practice recognizing potential in everyone, and everything. It’s there, waiting to be realized through your coaching.

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Look for Coaching Tip #2 next week, where you’ll learn a quick trick for creating coaching moments.

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