Virtual Dialogue: Welcome to the Age of Collective Creativity!

2021 isn’t just a new year—it’s ushering in a whole new age of collective creativity. The era of technological innovation that we’ve been experiencing for the last 30 years has left us amazed and dazed. We’re amazed at how hyper-connectivity has rewired our lives and our world in the most unexpected and ingenious ways—and dazed by the complexity of the questions and quandaries we are now facing that technology alone isn’t going to resolve.

Enter human ingenuity—but not the old fashioned, single-stroke-of-genius kind. Join this interactive dialogue with Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson to explore:

  • What’s different about this moment in time?
  • What is collective creativity?
  • Why is this it so important right now?
  • How do we prepare ourselves to think and work in this new way?

Those who attend the event live will receive a (free) guide about collective creativity.

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