What to Expect When Employees Reconnect: A Live, Virtual Dialogue

As employees all over the world return to the physical workplace—or join a new one—their mindsets may be all over the place. Have you noticed people are either burningchurning or yearning—meaning, they’re asking themselves, “Should I jump ship, grin and bear it, or re-commit?” Watch Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson and Dr. Beverly Kaye in a live, virtual thoughtful discussion about how leaders can welcome back—and keep—their employees, no matter their excitement level.

In this dialogue, Dianna Anderson and Dr. Bev Kaye help answer:

  • What are employees expecting from their organizations and leaders now?
  • How can leaders successfully manage employees who may have different expectations about returning to work?
  • How can organizations adjust and adapt to the ever-changing needs of in-person, hybrid and remote employees to keep them engaged?

About Dr. Beverly Kaye

Beverly Kaye’s name is recognized internationally as a professional dedicated to helping individuals, managers and organizations understand the practical “how-to” principles of employee development, engagement and retention. Her books and learning materials have stood the test of time. She authored the Wall Street Journal Best Seller Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay, which is now in its sixth edition.

About Dianna Anderson

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