A Dialogue with Dianna: What’s the Cost of Conversations that Don’t Happen?

This dialogue has passed. Watch the recording below to see the discussion on the cost of conversations that don’t happen:

Timeline of Dialogue

2:38 What kinds of conversations are not happening that should be?
5:11 How to manage context in the conversation
13:45 How to help build capability to have the conversation
19:11 3 reasons why having the skills and confidence to have conversations is really important right now

Q&A Session
28:34 How do you handle talking to a manager or someone when you’re afraid of retaliation or resistance?
32:27 How do you offer feedback in a conversation, when there are so many other worries during this pandemic?
35:56 How do you support or honor different perspectives or worldviews?
38:11 How do you address race/inclusion issues?
40:50 How should you talk to a manager or someone with really high emotions?
42:36 How do you teach others to have these skills?
43:00 What do you do when you have competing priorities?

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Interested in learning more? Download our white paper, “The Resounding Cost of a Silent Culture,” and see what conversations graduates addressed after participating in Coaching in the Moment®.

About the Dialogue

Conversations are the conduits of culture. How people interact with each other—or don’t—is what gives a culture its look and feel. However, all too often, people choose not to connect and remain silent, allowing issues to quietly fester. What kinds of conversations do you think we need to have but aren’t having?

In this dialogue, Cylient CEO Dianna Anderson discussed:

  • Why people avoid conversations, and what types of conversations they avoid
  • The cost of silence in an organization
  • Real examples of what kinds of conversations people avoided, and what happened when they used Cylient’s Untying the Knot® approach to address it
  • How to help people build the confidence and skills to address the issues that really matter

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