Why We Need a Different Dialogue

Our goal at Cylient is to ignite a different dialogue.  What does that mean? And why does it matter?

If we change how we talk with each other, we’ll also change what we talk about. More importantly, we’ll change the outcomes of our conversations.

When we approach conversations with the intention of solving the problem by “winning the battle” we tend to get a lot of battles. That’s why our conversations often result in more hurt feelings and disengagement than understanding and shared commitment to take action.

When a conversation is initiated from a coaching perspective the intention is to create shared insights by learning together.  Insight ignites action. Shared insight ignites shared actions. That’s a powerful force to set in motion.

We’re facing some pretty sticky questions these days. How do we create new ideas faster to address complex challenges? How do we get people around the world to think and work together? How do we help people who’ve lived very stable lives for decades embrace doing things in radically different ways?

When we approach these challenges in our usual problem-solving mode, we often find ourselves in aggravating arguments about who has the right answer. When we enter the conversation with a coaching worldview, we open up our creative thinking by getting curious about what’s possible and using coaching approaches to shift perspectives and explore options.

That’s a very different dialogue.

That’s what we need to make change happen.

That’s why coaching-based leadership is the grease that moves the wheel of change.

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