Feedback in the Moment

Coaching-based leadership is the foundation of a Change-Able coaching culture. Our workshops, reinforcement tools and delivery capabilities can be scaled and adapted to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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Feedback in the Moment participants gain the ability to:

  • Deliver developmental feedback, as part of "in the moment" coaching conversations, to make people aware of how their behavior is limiting them

  • Recognize and untie their own “knots” that may be getting in the way of offering feedback that others can hear and accept

  • Untie all the knots that are holding limiting behaviors in place, motivating people to move into action

  • Invite others to see change as an opportunity to learn and grow

  • Apply all concepts to their own, real-life feedback scenario

  • Offer impactful feedback, helping others realize their potential

Reinforce what you learned

Following the workshop, you can reinforce the concepts with Cylient’s network of reinforcement learning options that includes:
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