Feedback in the Moment

Deepen the learning from Coaching in the Moment with Feedback in the Moment.

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Feedback in the Moment participants gain the ability to:

  • Deliver developmental feedback, as part of "in the moment" coaching conversations, to make people aware of how their behavior is limiting them

  • Recognize and untie their own “knots” that may be getting in the way of offering feedback that others can hear and accept

  • Untie all the knots that are holding limiting behaviors in place, motivating people to move into action

  • Invite others to see change as an opportunity to learn and grow

  • Apply all concepts to their own, real-life feedback scenario

  • Offer impactful feedback, helping others realize their potential

From Our Graduates:

“I had a direct report who was in charge of training at one of our warehouses. In one instance, the communication he sent to shift managers was not clear. He knew he had trouble with written and verbal communication, so when I said, “Let’s talk about this email,” he knew where the conversation was headed. Rather than telling him where he went wrong, we walked through it together. I said, “Walk me through what you were thinking when you wrote this email. How do you think people read this email?” After that conversation, I could tell he changed his perspective on the issue. He was able to detail what he could have done differently. It’s easier to give feedback when you’re in a coaching conversation. It places responsibility on solving it with him, not solving it for him. There’s always a part you didn’t understand before that is revealed in a coaching conversation.”

Learning Ecosphere of Reinforcement

Following the workshop, you can reinforce the concepts with Cylient’s network of reinforcement learning options that includes:
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